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Suits Models: 

FP130X SA9066CER FP130X SA9066CER SA708X SA506X  01-200205 05-203105 AP420X APF5X APF6N APF6N/1 EBB7143.3 EBB7143X EBH7143.3 EBH7143B EBH7143X EHC7900EC EHC815BIS EHC815EC EHC815EC1 ENH7170 FP138X FP158X H985X ISO600 ISO600/1 ISO610 KE280X NUR280X S1055MF1 S1055MF-5 S1055MFX1 S1055MFX5 S1065MFX1 S1065MFX5 S106X-5 S106X-6 S2010MF1 S2010MF-5 S2010MFP5 S2010MFX1 S2010MFX5 S285PMF5 S285PMFX5 S392 S395X S398X SA1010MFX SA1010X1 SA1010X-5 SA210NE SA210P SA210X SA210X/1 SA210X-5 SA280X SA280X/1 SA280X-5 SA375X SA375X-1 SA375X-5 SA388X SA390NE SA392NE SA392NE/1 SA395X SA398X SA398X/1 SA398X-5 SA420X SA420X/1 SA420X-5 SA708X SA708X-5 SC2010MFB SC2010MFX SDK398X-5 SDK500XM1 SDK500XMF SE1055MF SE1055MFX SE105NE SE105NE/1 SE105X SE105X/1 SE1065MFX SE1066MFX SE1066MX5 SE106NE SE106NE/1 SE106X SE106X/1 SE106X-5 SE108NE SE108NE/1 SE108X SE108X-1 SE108X-5 SE2010MAZ SE2010MBL SE2010MF SE2010MFP SE2010MFX SE2010MVA SE2010MVS SE2010XK SE210AZ SE210AZ/1 SE210AZ-5 SE210B SE210B/1 SE210MFXK SE210MXK1 SE210NE SE210NE/1 SE210NE-5 SE210NEK SE210NEK1 SE210P SE210P-5 SE210VA SE210VA/1 SE210VA-5 SE210VS SE210VS/1 SE210X SE210X/1 SE210X-5 SE210XK SE210XK/1 SE210XK-5 SE210XT-5 SE280MF SE280MF1 SE280MF-5 SE280X SE280X-5 SE285PMF SE285PMFX SE286X SE286X-5 SE365MF SE365MF/1 SE365MF-5 SE365MFX SE365MFX5 SE375MF SE375MF/1 SE375MF-5 SE375MFB SE375MFB1 SE375MFG SE375MFG1 SE375MFX SE375MFX5 SE376MFX5 SE385MF/1 SE392MF SE392MF/1 SE392MF-5 SE398X SE398X/1 SE398X-5 SE500XMF SE72MFX-5 SE95 SE95X SE96 SE96/1 SE96MB SE96MB/1 SE96X SE96X/1 SEF64XP SEF64XP/1 SI2010MFX SI2011MX5 SNZ708X UK1065X UK1065X-1 UK1065X-5 UK2010X UK2010X-1 W280X W280X-5 WE392 WE392-5 WE398X WE398X-5 WEF610N WEF630N WI392 WI395X WI398X 01-200205 05-203105 AP420X APF5X APF6N APF6N/1 B70MFX5 B70MSX5 B71MFX5 B71MXBE5 B72MFX5 B90CMSX5 B90MFX5 B90MSX5


  • AllMajorAppliances advise that all electrical installations and wiring should be performed by a licensed electrician for your own safety. We strongly recommend a licensed relevant technician performs all installations as required by some laws. We are unable to provide assistance in the diagnoses of appliance faults or technical support in the installation of items due to our duty of care to you. We can simply point you to the item(s) that rightly suits your intended application. We also recommend before purchasing any item(s), you have access to any necessary technically qualified tradesmen or licensed electricians/contractors to install or make use of the item(s) on your behalf where required.

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