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  • Please ensure that the number on your original belt is 4 PHE 285 before ordering.
  • Fits Beko  WW, 2772KT, 2781KT, 2781KTS, 2792KT, 3883KTS, 3885KR, 3885KT, D70KT, D79KT, D80EK, DC7041W, DC7110, DC7110W, DC7120, DC7130, DC7230, DC72301, DC7230B, DC7430, DCU6130B, DCU6130S, DCU6130W, DCU720030, DCU7230, DCU7230EJ150, DCU7330X, DCU7330XB, DCU7332, DCU740030, DCU7430, DCU7430S, DCU7430X, DCU823, DCU8230, DCU8330, DCU8330GX, DCU8332XRC, DCU8430X, DCU8431G, DCU930, DCU9330R, DCU9330X, DCU9330XB, DCU9330XS, DP8045CW, DPU7304GX, DPU7304XEB, DPU7304XER, DPU7305XE, DPU7340X, DPU7343X, DPU7360GX, DPU7360X, DPU7360XB, DPU7360XR, DPU7380X, DPU7404X, DPU7440, DPU8304XE, DPU8305GX, DPU8305XE, DPU8306GXE, DPU8306X, DPU8340X, DPU8341GX, DPU8341X, DPU8360WG, DPU8360X, DPU8380X, DPU8380XBB, DPU8390X, DSC64S, DSC64W, TKF7451A10, TKF7231, TKF7431A, TKF7431S, TKF7439S, TKF7451A30, TKF7451AG50, TKF7451W10, TKF7451W30, TKF7451W50, TKF7454WE30, TKF7455AGE50, TKF8231, TKF8239, TKF8431A, TKF8431S, TKF8431Z, TKF8439A, TKF8451A30, TKF8451AG30, TKF8451AG50, TKF8451AG60, TKF8451AGC50, TKF8451AGC60, TKF8451AGC63, TKF8451G50, TKF8451SGC50, TKF8451ZGC50, TKF8455AGE50, TKF8455AGE60, TKF8456AGE63, TKF8461AG50, TKF8461AG60, TKF8461AGC, TKF9431A, TKF9431AS, COSL7C2B, CESLCE7B, CESLCE7FRA, CESLCE8, TK300, TK310, TK310SV, TK320, TK320E, TK5170, TVP330, TVP337, TVP5171, TVP5182, TVP5381, TVP5383, DTD313, DTD315, DFLDAK7SQ, DFLDAK8W, TKE83325CT, TKE8352CT, TKF7312A, TKF73215, TKF7351A, TKF83320A, TKF83320CR, TKF8352A, TKF8362A, TKF8362CR, TKFS7310AVS, KT711, PREMIUMWPT716A, WPT716, ESLC8D2, ESLHP8D1, ESLHP8D2, CD6KG, 7188289730, GTK4851G50, GTN37110G, GTN37114GDNKFI, GTN37240G, GTN37250G, GTN38240G, GTN38250G, GTN48250GC, GTN48261GC, GTN48271GC, KTC2770, COND700, HP700, PCD7H, STE73C, ASC71S, ASC72S, ASC82S, ASC83S, DR72IN, SACD7, SACD8, TKS3690C, DC16K"
4PHE285 Belt diameter - 85mm Fits the following models - DCU8320, 7180881100 BEKO DV1160-BEU B1 AV LED BAZ DIF, 7180881200 BEKO DV1160-ALM_AVS B1 AV LED BAZ DIF, 7180881300 BEKO DV1160-FRA B1 AV LED BAZ DIF, 492204404, 7180881400 BEKO DV1160-ÇIN B1 AV BAZ DIF, 7180881500 BEKO DV1160-EU B1 AV LED BAZ DIF, 7180881600 BEKO DV1160-KUV B1 AV BAZ DIF, 7180881700 BEKO DRVT61W-ING B1 AV BAZ DIF, 7180881800 BEKO DV1169-BEN B1 AV BAZ DIF, 7180881900 BEKO DV6110-FRA B1 AV BAZ B2010, 7180882000 BEKO DV6110-ÇIN B1 AV BAZ B2010, 7180970200 BEKO D160KB -TÜR B1 AV SENS DIF, 7180981100 BEKO DRVS62W-ING B1 AV LED SENS, 7180981200 BEKO DV1560-ALM B1 AV LED SENS DIF, 7180981400 BEKO DV1560-EU B1 AV LED SENS DIF, 7180981500 BEKO DV1560-BEU B1 AV SENS DIF, 7181481200 BEKO DV1161X-ISR B1 AV BAZ PL2, 7182970100 BEKO D60K-TÜR B1 CND SENS DIF, 7182781100 BEKO DRVS62S-ING G3 AV LED SENS, 7182882800 BEKO DVTC60W-ING B1 AV BAZ PL1A, 7183481300 BEKO DV1560X-ISR B1 AV SENS DIF, 7183481700 BEKO DV6120X-AVL B1 AV SENS AB09, 7184381100 BEKO DV2560X-BEN B1 AV LED SENS DIF, 7184381200 BEKO DV2560X-FRA B1 AV LED SENS DIF, 7185281100 BEKO DV1570-EU B1 AV SENS DIF, 7185281200 BEKO DV7120-EU B1 AV SENS B2010, 7185281300 BEKO DV7120-ALM B1 AV SENS B2010, 7185681100 BEKO DRVS73S-ING B1 AV SENS DIF, 7186181100 BEKO DV2570XS-FRA G3 AV SENS DIF, 7186181200 BEKO DV7220XS-FRA G3 AV SENS B2010, 7186381100 BEKO DV1170-FRA B1 AV BAZ DIF, 7186381200 BEKO DV7110-ÇIN B1 AV BAZ B2010, 7186381300 BEKO DV7110-EU B1 AV BAZ B2010, 7186381400 BEKO DV7110-FRA B1 AV BAZ B2010, 7186381500 BEKO DV7110-ALM B1 AV B B10 Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only

491500303 BEKO BELT 4PHE285

  • AllMajorAppliances advise that all electrical installations and wiring should be performed by a licensed electrician for your own safety. We strongly recommend a licensed relevant technician performs all installations as required by some laws. We are unable to provide assistance in the diagnoses of appliance faults or technical support in the installation of items due to our duty of care to you. We can simply point you to the item(s) that rightly suits your intended application. We also recommend before purchasing any item(s), you have access to any necessary technically qualified tradesmen or licensed electricians/contractors to install or make use of the item(s) on your behalf where required.

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