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844091603 SMEG OVEN WIRE RACK SHELF 844092586




844091540, 844091576


SIZE 457 x 355 mm




SAP399X-8, SA578X9, SA308X-8, SA561X-9, FS61XNG8, SAP112-8, SFPA309X,


C7GVXA8, C6GMXA8, SA304X-8, C6GVXA8, SAC399X-8, SA578X9, C6GVXA8,


SAP112-8, C7GVXA8, SFPA309X, C6GMXA8, SA304X-8, SA561X-9, DOSCA36X,


SA308X-8, SAP399X-8, DOSFA38X

844091603 SMEG OVEN WIRE RACK SHELF 844092586

  • AllMajorAppliances advise that all electrical installations and wiring should be performed by a licensed electrician for your own safety. We strongly recommend a licensed relevant technician performs all installations as required by some laws. We are unable to provide assistance in the diagnoses of appliance faults or technical support in the installation of items due to our duty of care to you. We can simply point you to the item(s) that rightly suits your intended application. We also recommend before purchasing any item(s), you have access to any necessary technically qualified tradesmen or licensed electricians/contractors to install or make use of the item(s) on your behalf where required.

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